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RESTON, VA Real Estate Market Trends

We hope you find these graphs and charts informative as you look for pricing and marketing trends in Reston, VA. If you are comparing other neighborhoods or need additional/different information, please feel free to live chat with us or call us anytime. We can provide you with different neighborhood comparisons in Reston VA.


These charts will give you some basic and average information for pricing and market trends. But as with any property, finishes, condition, market demand will also play a key role. We also believe staging a property will make a big difference!


These charts will provide you with good guidelines on pricing trends, avg price per square ft etc. If you are looking to buy a single family home, a townhouse, a condo or an investment property– we have great resources, partners, lenders as well as checklists, guides and money saving tips!

How To Analyze Market Trends

You will need more than just the charts to understand specific market trends, but they are a great start. We can customize these for specific properties to be able to show you updated information on the fly. If you are looking for specific information, please contact us!

  • Closed Sales shows you the total number of sales that have settled. Keep in mind that it takes 30-60 days to settle in some cases.
  • Pricing Trends shows the average or median prices.
  • Average Days on The Market – how long are listings staying on the market
  • $ Per Sqft – Cost per Square feet – these are usually looked at for condos.
  • Supply & Demand – How many months of inventory are on the market?

These charts refresh each month! HOVER TO SEE VALUES...

Closed Sales by Home Type

Active Listings by Home Type

Average Sale Price by Home Type

Average Sale Price to Original List Price

Average Days on Market by Home Type

Average Sold Price/sq.ft. by Home Type

Months of Supply by Home Type


Want to compare neighborhoods? Need different stats? Let us know what you need.